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Know About Us

Since Sep. 1997, we have been meeting the changing needs of steel customers. Today with plants in Vishvakarma Industrial Area(Rajasthan) and Bagru Industrial Area(Rajasthan), we produce the widest range of steel products among steel manufacturers having a annual turnover of over Rs.500 crore which speaks of our production muscle.

We employ a variety of processes, such as Hot Rolling, Cold Drawing, Thermo-Mechanical Treatment (TMT), Peeling & Grinding and Machining to produce steel to your specification. Our products are used extensively for Automobile Components, Engineering Industries, Infrastructure and Railways. We produce steel of customized shapes, size and characteristics.

We are registered to supply steel throughout India with ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems certify that our manufacturing processes are at par with the world, as does our growing export market.

Mangala Group stands for creating value for our society and our country to make a better tomorrow and today, through our economic, recycling and green policies. Our Group strives to bring about excellence in all its activities through adopting measures that not only aim at optimizing use of natural resources and energy, but also conserving them for the world tomorrow. We aim to improve the quality of life of our employees by providing avenues for betterment and training, and our workers in the rural areas by improving water and sanitation facilities for better living and education of dependant families. We strive to be a benchmark in the country for corporate governance, operational performance and green conservation.


We are committed to innovative growth through our personal passion, reinforced by a professional mindset, creating value for all those we touch.


We will be a respected global entrepreneur, through the power of Positive Action.

Core Values

  • Maintain integrity at all times
  • Satisfy internal and external customers
  • Facilitate all-round excellence
  • Promote quality
  • Continuously innovate and create
  • Explore growth opportunities in new technologies

K.C. Agarwal

In its shpere providing quality products, at affordable cost.
At Mangala, we believe in continuous improvement in quality through in-house research, leveraging technology and regular training, ensuring that quality steels reaches its valued customers.

S.R. Agarwal

We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business

Rajendra kumar agarwal

We are Personally accountable for delivering on our commistments to our prestigious Customers.